Victoria Runtsova

She was born November 28, 1988 in Gomel, Belarus.

Victoria graduated from Shchepkin Higher Theatre School in 2012 (master - Klyuev B. V.)

Then she graduated from director’s courses in the school of Dmitry Kupovykh “Svobodnoe Kino” in 2016.

2018 – 2019 – student at the movie school “Industria”. Faculty of Movie Director.
showreel 2020
THE COLLAR 2017, 23 min

Short Movie

Victoria Runtsova
Daniil Spyvakovskiy
Alla Budnitskaya
Pavel Artemev
AWARDS: Seattle International Fashion Film Festival 2018 The Best Movie FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival 2018 First place Film Festival «8 Women» 2018 Jury Prize Miami Fashion Film Festival 2017 The Best Costume Design
Russia, early 20th century. An unassuming young woman buys a new collar. But it soon starts to rule her life, contrary to her own will and desires. The young woman must decide whether to obey the will of the collar or fight against it.
HOLY SHIT! 2018, 15 min

Short Movie

Mikhail Trukhin
Rosa Khayrullina
Nelly Uvarova
Victor Stepanyan
Ilya Gavrilenkov
Anton Dolgov
AWARDS: Film Festival “KOROCHE” 2018 Grand Prix Golden Eagle Award (Russia) 2019 Nominee for the Best Short Movie
Son-in-law and his mother-in-law travel to Finland to buy a sofa. They are teachers living in a small Russian city close to the border of Russia and Finland. On the way back son-in-law faces the circumstances he could not even imagine.
MOMMY’S CALF 2019, 15 min

Short Movie

Mikhail Porechenkov
Irina Pegova
Maxim Ivanov
Saveliy Kudryashov
AWARDS: Film Festival “Golden Calf” 2019 The best directing Film Festival “Vechevoy Kolokol” 2019 The best children’s movie Moscow Indie Film Festival 2020 The best director Film Festival “Vstrecha” 2020 Festival president’s special prize more
Saint Alexander Nevskyi Festival
Special prize of the jury for family values

Special prize for the highest moral rectitude and patriotism
Film Festival
“Galaxy 35MM”
Audience award, The best male actor
Faludi International Non-Professional Film Festival and Photo Competition

Special mention
The small boy Vitya lives in a small village in the heart of Ural Mountains. He finds out that the 5 days old calf will forget his mother in one day. Vitya's life turns upside down. He decides to return the calf back to his mom. Egor, his older brother helps Vitya. Two brothers deal with all challenges on their way.